Wednesday, May 29, 2019

New Books at the SCC Library

     New Popular Fiction and Popular Non-Fiction have just arrived at the SCC Library. Browse our New Books display or check  this link for a complete list of new titles. Here are just a few intriguing new selections:

     S.A. Lelchuk’s new thriller introduces Nikki Griffin, a bookstore owner who secretly tracks abusing men to help protect their female victims. Things get dangerous when Nikki gets involved with Karen, a disgruntled tech company employee who might be selling secrets. Griffin finds herself trying to escape from men far more dangerous than any she’d known before. Save Me from Dangerous Men marks the beginning of a gripping new series and fascinating lead character.

     For the child who wishes to learn the legend of the King of Rock ‘n Roll, Jonah Winter and Red Nose Studio present Elvis the King, a lushly illustrated retelling of Elvis Presley’s life story. From his birth on the wrong side of the tracks in the Deep South to conquering the world of entertainment, Elvis is King recreates Presley’s tale through humorous, hand-sculpted miniatures, artfully photographed. It’s the perfect book for any oddball child with a dream to show off their talents.

     Charting her own journey from apprehensive baby boomer to pro-aging radical, Ashton Applewhite explores the media images and messages that serve to discredit the art of aging. By debunking the myths about late life development, Applewhite examines how the stereotypes divide the culture, cripple our brain and body functions, and help to foster an unequal society. This Chair Rocks champions age pride and looks toward an all-age-friendly world.

     An inside man in the beverage industry, Jack Buffington proposes significant innovations that would allow the supply chain to continue utilizing plastics while minimizing the harm synthetics pose to the environment. In Peak Plastic, Buffington views the continued use of plastic as critical to our future, hoping to innovate its production and use rather than eliminating it.

     When sixteen-year-old Starr Carter witnesses the fatal shooting of her best friend at the hands of a police officer, the uneasy balance between her poor neighborhood and fancy prep school is shattered. While the killing becomes national news, with protesters demanding action, only Starr knows the real story of what happened that night. What she chooses to reveal could send her community into an uproar and even endanger her life. The Hate U Give is now a major motion picture.

     Irregardless of your previous experience, Dryers’ English is an indispensible guide to how proper grammar impacts your writing and helps you make less mistakes. For all intensive purposes, Benjamin Dryers’ book is based off of the how, why and when of myriad English difficulties. Its literally the penultimate guide to English language learnings!!! Perhaps your even chomping at the bit to utilize this very unique book to correct all the mistakes in this paragraph?!

For more new releases at the SCC Library, check our New Books listing. And as always, ask an SCC Librarian for help locating or requesting a title.

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