Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The SCC Library is Closed! What Should I Do?

Don’t panic! There is a wide assortment of essential library tools available through our SCC Library web page. Here’s a quick guide to what you need to know while we’re closed.

Contact a Librarian

Use the ask-a-librarian link to email your questions to our library staff. You can ask for research help, assistance with your paper formatting and citations, or general information. Our staff is working remotely 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and can respond to your inquiry right away.

Don’t Worry About Overdue Materials

The SCC Library will be waiving fines for overdue items for the immediate future. No need to renew items at this time. If you'd still prefer to return your items, you can do so at the Central Campus Library drop box next to the front door in the LIB building.

No Pascal Deliveries

The Library will not be receiving deliveries from our statewide inter-library system at this time. If you have received a book through the Pascal system, consider any potential late fee waived at this time.

Research Guides

If you are currently working on an assignment requiring library research, please look for your class on our Research Guides page to see if the assignment is listed. The research guides provide source recommendations, formatting help, and tips for using your research effectively.

Citation Help

Tons of vital information on formatting and citations can be found on our MLA and APA web pages.


The SCC Library site provides direct access to databases, e-books, and videos for your research needs. Having trouble navigating these sources? Feel free to ask-a-librarian.

Tutorials Page

Need further instruction? Take a look at our tutorials page for tips on getting the right sources and using the library effectively.

Proofreading and Other Tutoring
The Learning Center at SCC is also available during our closure. If you need someone to proofread a paper (beyond research, formatting, or citation help) you can email the paper and assignment information to askatutor@sccsc.edu

Thirty-minute online tutoring appointments via ZOOM are also available. You may request an appointment using the following links:

Wi-Fi Access 
Though the SCC campuses are currently closed, SCC wi-fi is accessible at various points outside certain campus buildings. See the guide below for information (click to enlarge).

More Information 
For more detailed information about SCC services available during the closure, please see this link on our main SCC web page.

Of course we hope to return to normal operations as soon as possible, but using the SCC Library web page will get you what you need and fast. And again, help from SCC Library staff is as quick as an email using the ask-a-librarian link. Let us know how we can help!

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